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Questions to Ask in an Interview

Capital Recruitment Interview Coaching 

By preparing interesting and engaging questions, you will drive the conversation and stand-out as a candidate. Capital Recruitment has included a list of common questions to begin thinking about before an interview. It is important that you also ask questions that are specific to the company or the interviewer.

Common Questions to ask in an Interview: 

 • What are the main goals and responsibilities of the position?

• What is the reporting structure of the department?    

• What type of computer and business systems would you be using in your daily role?  

 • How many people are in the team / department you will be working in?    

• What are the career prospects like?    

• Ask for further information on the company products.    

• Ask about the working environment, company culture, organisation structure etc.    

• What are the company’s growth plans over the next few years?    

• What is the next step in the recruitment process?